Imagine a place filled with all of the spiritual tools needed to

transcend into your highest self.


does any of this sound familiar?

You’re ambitious. You’re a total go-getter, hard-working AF, and you have huge dreams that give you that giddy nervousness inside when you really sit and think about them (even if you don’t talk about it out loud). You are also super spiritual, love all things woo and could seriously devote your life to self-help books. But sometimes, those two worlds seem SO separate.

Maybe you’ve been looking for your modern day, “church” version of the spiritual community, but can’t find your tribe that knows how to mix both the woo and the work.

Do you ever feel like you are living a double life?

It’s as if you are living two completely different worlds; your typical work-face by day, and your spiritual goddess-self by night.

The worst part is, you probably can’t even tell your friends about all of these magical experiences and breakthroughs because, welllllll, they just don’t get you.

You don’t want to have to hide anymore.

You are sick and tired of surface level relationships.

You just want to be accepted and SEEN for who you truly are.

That was me for WAY too long…

From the time I was a baby, I was able to see and connect with spirits who have passed onto the other-side. It was as if I came into this world with all of my gifts fully turned ON. Honestly, at first, it was extremely scary because I knew this wasn’t “normal”. I just wanted to fit in!

It took years of studying, attending workshops, seeking out mentors and tapping into my own strengths to learn how to ground my spiritual gifts into the earth plane, so I could function as a  human in this physical reality.

Through this life-long journey, I got REALLY good at putting on my mask and fitting into the mold society created for me. Although, I was able to see that I could have these amazing gifts AND still be a totally normal girl, I felt horribly alone. Although my friends were amazing, they definitely couldn’t relate to my woo. And then, to make matters worse, all of the spiritual workshops and retreats that I was attending were often filled with super ungrounded women that were like 40 years older than me, that I just honestly couldn’t relate to. Like, “Sorry Sally, but no, I do NOT want to let my armpit hair grow out and DEFINITELY can’t imagine giving up pasta and wine to eat an all raw, organic diet.” (no offense to the Sally’s out there)

This feeling of isolation left me wondering if I would ever find people who truly understood me.

A few years back,

these feelings became too much. I finally had my breakdown.

I looked around me, and all I could see were happy faces of amazing people who truly loved and cared for me. The sad thing was, I had never felt so alone. The more I understood my spirituality, the louder this tug on my soul got. It became more and more evident that while everyone else was living it up, I was left confused, wondering when I would find those deep connections that I was longing for.

Can you relate?

In those moments, I prayed to God. I asked for him to guide me to my tribe. I prayed that he would help me find people who:

shared the same interests as me,

loved talking about all of their big goals and aspirations just as much as I did,

could chat for hours on end about the new self-help book they were reading,

sip on delicious Margs while downing bowls of chips and salsa,

attend retreats together,

and most importantly,

see and understand each other

My definition of Soul-Sisters.

Flash forward to now…

I am surrounded by amazing soul-sisters who GET me. I have a wide array of spiritual tools that I use on the daily. I have found a way to embrace all of my woo, while also living for the latest episode of RHONJ, learning all of the new beauty routines and strutting the latest fashion trends.

And that is when I realized…

I needed to create an online community that included ALL OF THIS. No more “this” or “that.” It was time to create something that incorporated it all! This is what all of us fabulous queens were missing. A sacred place to dive into all of the things spiritual, while also being able to connect on things like fashion, travel and beauty, while most importantly, making life-long, soul-sister connections.

Say hello to the Soul-Getters


A membership that doesn’t just throw a bunch of content at you, just to never hear from me again. The Soul-Getters Membership is designed to have you working on your inner self and most spiritual self, Every. Single. Month. Think of this membership just like a gym membership; rather, instead of just your physical health this improves your mental, spiritual and emotional health as well! This is a one stop shop for all things spiritual, intuition, manifestation, healing and connecting to something bigger than you! Let the ascension begin!


repeat after me…



You can be both spiritual and grounded. You can love all things “woo”, yet also binge watch every epsiode of the Real Housewives, while sipping your favorite glass of wine. You can be successful af, while surrounded by amazing soul-sisters who want to CELEBRATE you!

Yes girl, you CAN have it all.  

“…but how?”


A monthly, at-home, online, spiritual database that will help you align to

effortless abundance

In this self-paced membership you’ll have access to:

vault 1

monthly forecasts

So you know how to harness the upcoming energy for your latest monthly goals & intentions.

vault 2

activating guided meditations

That will help you re-center and listen to your soul’s deepest desires.

vault 3

endless EFT sequences

That will help you instanteously break through blocks within your energetic field that you didn’t even know existed.

vault 4

 intuition & spiritual trainings

That will leave you KNOWING how to utilize your intuition, as well as providing you with a vast understanding of all the spiritual tools needed to live the most fulfilling and freedom-filled life possible.

vault 5

shadow work trainings

The proper healing needed that will help you set your soul free from the re-occuring karmic cycles that seem to appear time and time again. Goodbye karma and hello flow!

vault 6

mindset re-wiring trainings

Did you know that EVERY manifestation begins within the mind? Re-wiring your mindset is a MUST, in order to manifest not only a life that you love, but a life that continues to get better and BETTER! Goodbye feeling like you continuously take 5 steps forward, just to go back 10!

vault 7

all the tools needed to become your highest self

Girl, I know you see glimpses of your inner Queen. It is now time we bring her to life through this vault! You will never feel so alive and EMPOWERED.

vault 8

spiritual entrepreneurs 

That’s right! A vault specifically for all you entrepreneurs in search of the spiritual tools to create an impactful, yet abundant af business.  I have found that the key to a successful business, that SO many are missing, are the energetics! This vault will solve nearly every energetic imbalance within your biz from a FEMININE energy approach.



live group channeling sessions

guest trainings

a Facebook community to connect with your soul-sisters!

ALL previous courses

discounts on 1:1 services

The most exciting feature to this membership is our bi-weekly group Intuition Building sessions! This is for all my beautiful Diamond and Platinum members who are wanting a safe place to discuss all things spiritual, as well as practice their intuitive gifts! Each call will begin with a mini training or discussion led by yours truly! From there, I will split you up into groups of two to practice your intuition! This is the crowd favorite, as we all could use a little support and safe place to practice! Before you know it, you will be a confident Aura reader, Tarot Reader or whatever else your heart and soul are desiring!

You are meant to shine darling!


“Gabriella is here to light the way for so many. Her intuitive abilities coupled with her desire to serve and love all who enter her life is a gift to humanity. She is an amazing teacher and mentor who has helped me understand my intuitive senses and has shared with me amazing practices to help strengthen and trust in my abilities. Knowledge is power but waking up to your soul abilities is far more powerful. Remembering my abilities has set me free to explore my truest self and to bring that power into my everyday life. Gabriella’s straightforward and uncomplicated practices are refreshing and exactly the foundation needed to build upon. Her guidance and wisdom has changed my life!”

Danielle D.



“Working with Gabriella has expanded my spirituality and business in SO many ways! I always feel so good after our sessions and gained a 1:1 client within a month of working with her! I have also gained so much clarity and direction with my business. Gabriella is extremely intuitive and has guided me in ways that I never thought possible. She truly has helped me to launch my career as a spiritual business coach with ease, flow and clarity! I look forward to working with her and always leave feeling like I am on a HIGH VIBE!!!”

Sara S.



“She is the real deal! I had an intuitive guidance reading with Gabriella in 2017. She said she saw me filming something in Syracuse, NY. I thought that was interesting, I didn’t know how I would end up filming there. Well it is now 2020, and I just won a competitive film grant, where you have to make your film in Syracuse, NY!”

Victoria D.


2 journeys to soul expansion & effortless abundance:

events included!



1 yearly payment of $470


$47 per month

online only, please!



1 yearly payment of $297


$27 per month

The Diamond Level, is perfect for you if…

  • You’re craving freedom and abundance, and are ready to attract more than ever before.
  • You have been in search of a spiritual community that is totally down to earth, yet super committed to diving deeper into all of the witchy/goddess/angelic/starseed vibes!  
  • You’re an entrepreneur in search of the energetic piece to business. 
  • You want clarity, guidance, and tools that will help you move beyond your struggles, and onto the path you’re destined for.
  • You know how important your spiritual practice is and know that it is a continuous journey. (Just like going to the gym!)
  • ​You’re ready to break free from societal molds and let your light freaking shine!

The Diamond Level, isn’t for you if…

  • You’re looking for a magic wand to solve all of your problems.
  • ​Your life is exactly how you envisioned it and you don’t have any areas you want to improve.
  • ​You’re not ready to put in the continuous spiritual work that will help you evolve into the highest version of yourself.
  • You’re not looking for a community of badass goddess angels to connect with, grow with and support.

you’d love nothing more than to…

  • Have an online, soul-sister community, filled with all the things to help you spiritually up-level,
  • ​Have unlimited access to hundreds of resources that will help you understand and utilize spiritual tools to unlock your soul’s highest purpose,
  • Have an easy way to stick to a daily, spiritual routine, from the comfort of your HOME,
  • Gain a true and deep sense of fulfillment,
  • Live a life that’s overflowing with freedom and abundance! #nowplease

…but you’ve tried ev-er-y-thing, and you feel like this type of thing doesn’t even exist.


having it all.


Let’s break it down…

The Diamond Level, includes…

  • Discover Your Intuitive Type Training
  • Monthly intuitive forecasts
  • Guided meditations & activations
  • EFT sequences
  • Shadow Work Vault
  • Intuition Vault
  • Mindset Vault
  • Higher Self Vault
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur Vault
  • Ascend with Ease Activation Package
  • Vision Board Digital Course
  • Group Healing Sessions
  • Guest Trainings
  • Discounts on 1:1 Services
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Free Access to two events of your choice each month.

The Gold Level, includes…

  • Discover Your Intuitive Type Training
  • Monthly intuitive forecasts
  • Guided meditations & activations
  • EFT sequences
  • Shadow Work Vault
  • Intuition Vault
  • Mindset Vault
  • Higher Self Vault
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur Vault
  • Ascend with Ease Activation Package
  • Vision Board Digital Course
  • Group Healing Sessions
  •  Guest Trainings
  • Discounts on 1:1 Services
  • Private Facebook Community

***All levels will continue growing with content, as time evolves!


 “I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriella at a retreat last year. Automatically, I knew she was special. After returning home, I booked a call with her…it was so magical! She gave me so much guidance and she was able to see things for me that I could not see for myself. Information that she shared with me led me to pursue deep healing work that needed to be done before I could move on with next big steps. I have had several calls with Gabriella and each one I hold dearly, listening again for reference and guidance. I am forever grateful for the role that Gabriella has played in my healing journey.”

Vaughn P.


“Working with Gabriella has been so rewarding. I can feel my progress and growth while knowing I am supported and understood. Having an accountability partner who helps you with the tools and outlets you need is such a game changer.”

Erica F.


The spiritual roadmap and toolkit you’ve been looking for to create a life of overflowing

freedom & abundance

2 payment options

events add on!



1 yearly payment of $470


$47 per month

online only!



1 yearly payment of $297


$27 per month


hey girl, I’m Gabriella!

I am the heart and soul behind Soul-Getters, and the creator of this life-changing membership!

Through my 1:1 spiritual coaching practice, I have helped hundreds of light-workers, just like yourself, break free from societal molds and expectations and use their sacred spiritual gifts to step into the highest versions of themselves.

It is my deepest desire to help more heart-centered women like you, unlock their highest level of freedom and abundance, while surrounded by an amazing community of sisters… and so, The Soul-Getters Membership was born.

You aren’t meant to do this sacred work alone! 

In this membership, I will teach you my sacred process of unleashing your highest, most divine-like, most goddess-like self. Also, I will provide you with all the spiritual tools and rituals needed to continue this journey not just for a few weeks or months, but for the rest of your life

When you join the Soul-Getters Membership, you will be embraced by the tribe your soul has been longing for. Together, we will make this life the most magical experience possible. Let’s get ascending! The fun is just getting started!

Ready to completely change your life?


frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the membership?

How does forever sound?

For as long as payments continue! However, you can cancel whenever.

Do I have to complete every vault right away?

Nope! This membership is self-paced, which means you can work through it any time of day, at whatever pace works best for you. Within each level, I have put together a video that provides you with recommendations as to where to start.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! There are two different payment plans to choose from per level.

GOLD: 1 yearly payment of $297 or monthly payments of $27

DIAMOND: 1 yearly payment of $497 or monthly payments of $47


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this membership, I am unable to offer refunds.

How do I access the MEMBERSHIP?

After you enroll you’ll receive a link to my membership platform called Kajabi. You’ll have your own private username and password to access all the goods!


let’s do this, gorgeous!

events add on!



1 yearly payment of $470


$47 per month

online only!



1 yearly payment of $297


$27 per month

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