01. Spiritual Mentorship

Are you an entrepreneur craving the spiritual tools that will help you harness your truest power? Finally being able to make the greatest impact, while generating more abundance than you could ever imagine.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! As an entrepreneur myself, I know how deeply your soul craves service. I also know that you are also in business for the freedom, it can provide you with. 

Luckily, I have the answer you have been searching for. Taking care of your energetic state, is the #1 thing that will ensure your businesses truest success. 

The clearer you are, the more you become a magnet for prosperity.

  • Soul Activations
  • Energetic Attunements
  • Intuitive Guidance for your Life & Biz
  • Energetic Clearing
  • & so much more!

A transformational experience, completely tailored to your soul’s specific needs!

It is time to transcend into your highest self. This is what your soul has been searching for. 

It is 2020. The urge for more within your soul, is your sign that there is more out there for you. Let’s unlock this beautiful energy, that has been waiting for you! There is no better time than now! 

Let’s get started! 


“I spent several months working my way through Gabriella’s “Ascend with Ease Activations”. Words cannot describe in its entirety my experience and transformation.
I felt myself expand spiritually, emotionally and physically. I could feel the activation energy running through me and and the energy is powerful and pleasant.
These activations provided a much needed tool during these times of awakening we are experiencing here on earth at this time.
I followed her instructions by spacing them out properly and with gracefully worked my way through the series in my own time with the on-demand feature.
With this ease and access, I am truly and forever transformed and look forward to her future activations.”

– Sondra H.

02. Soul Activations

Did you know that there is more taking place than your physical body? In fact, your physical body is the last layer of your energetic field to be impacted. When we are able to maintain and keep clear the other seven layers, your physical body will radiate it’s beautiful and most vibrant self! 

What’s even better? When your energetic field is clear, you become a magnet to miracles. 

  • Tap into your highest self.
  • Find balance on all levels; mind, body, soul & spirit.
  • Free yourself from old programming.
  • Reach a deep state of relaxation, so your body can receive the healing needed.

You will leave feeling, renewed, recharged and realigned!

A soul activation session will help you break free from anything that is holding you back, so you are able to live a life filled with freedom, abundance and bliss. 

So, let’s get your chakra’s balanced and do this! Click below to schedule your session.

Client love…

“I  have had the absolute honor to work with Gabriella through life coaching. The amount of change that I underwent during that time was remarkable. She really helped me reconnect with my higher-self. Every single session I felt closer and closer to my goals, which seemed easy to attain with her guidance. I will never forget the powerful lessons she has taught me to carry me through on my journey. She is an angel in my life.”

– Shana D.

My experience with Gabriella was nothing short of amazing. I had an intuitive guidance reading and it was eye opening. It gave me insight on what the future has to offer and it was so very uplifting. She gave me the tools I need to live my life in the best way possible. She has a true gift that everyone should see for themselves if they feel stuck in their life or need some guidance. She is a true healer and I am thankful I met her.

– Sharon B.

Working with Gabriella has expanded my spirituality and business in SO many ways! I always feel so good after our sessions and gained a 1:1 client within a month of working with her! I have also gained so much clarity and direction with my business. Gabriella is extremely intuitive and has guided me in ways that I never thought possible. She truly has helped me to launch my career as a spiritual business coach with ease, flow and clarity! I look forward to working with her and always leave feeling like I am on a HIGE VIBE!!!

– Sara S.

03. Intuitive Guidance

Are you feeling a little disconnected? Unsure of the next steps in your life? Or, maybe, feeling the call to dive deeper into your spiritual truth?

If any of these resonate with you, an intuitive guidance session, is the answer your soul has been searching for. 

  • Journey into a meditative state to re-connect and re-align with your truth.
  • Discuss your soul and who you are on a spiritual level.

  • Intuitively remove blocks that are holding you back, so you can move forward in the best ways possible. 

  • Connect to any intuitive guidance that is coming through from your spiritual team. 


Access the guidance and clarity your soul has been searching for below.


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