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More of a do-it-yourself, kind of soul?

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Soul-Getters High-Vibe Membership

Are you looking for a sacred container filled with all the spiritual tools needed to help assist you on this spiritual journey? My monthly membership is filled with everything you will need to re-connect with your highest self, while living the most abundant life possible!

I have channeled through a sacred online space that provide you with the essential spiritual tools that will help you navigate life in the most fulfilling and free flowing ways possible, from the comfort of your home!

I have designed this membership to have three-tiers, that will allow you to pick a spiritual journey that aligns with your soul!

In my monthly membership you will get:

  • Monthly forecasts
  • Group Intuitive Readings
  • Meditations & Activations
  • Live Trainings
  • All of my Previous Courses
  • Discounts on 1:1 Services
  • A Sacred Community of Light workers!



Client testimonials

“Before working with Gabriella I felt like I was just floating through life never completely satisfied with anything I was doing. I knew there was a greater purpose for myself, but I wasn’t sure how to reach it. After working with her, I have so much more clarity! I have learned so many different ways I can support myself throughout this journey of life. I feel so much more aligned with my purpose and have a deeper understanding of how I can use tools to help me stay grounded and manifest everything I want. Gabriella has given me so many tools to help me create my dream life! She truly has a gift in meeting you at your level and coaching you through every aspect of what may be blocking that growth. Her program was a wonderful stepping stone in learning all about the tools and strategies you can use  to become exactly who you want to be.” 

– Gretchen B.


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