The Soul-Getters Freebies

This is your sacred container filled with everything I feel you need to get started on your spiritual journey. You have access to a meditation, training, EFT sequence and journaling prompts. These encompass the main pillars inside the Soul-Getters Membership; Meditation, Trainings, EFT and Healing Sequences and Journaling Prompts, all designed to assist you on your spiritual journey so you can embody your highest self, creating a life beyond your dreams.

What to expect:

  • Heart Guided Meditation
  • Intuition Strengthening Training
  • EFT for the Ego
  • Limiting Belief Journaling Prompts

Strengthen Your Intuition Training

Did you know that working with your intuition is like working a muscle? The more you practice, the stronger it gets! With that being said, it is helpful to know how your intuition works with you.

In this free training, I will share the four main Clair’s; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. This training will help you understand the Clair’s and decipher which are your strongest. You will also receive tips on how you can strengthen each of them!

Heart Centered Guided Meditation

When you are in your heart space, you are in direct connection to source. In this space you also have access to the fifth dimension. By taking part in this meditation, you will find the answers your heart and soul have been searching for. By committing to this sacred practice daily, you will find that miracles begin happening naturally. By connecting to your heart space, you will create heaven on earth. A new way of living. Everything you need already lies within you.

EFT for your EGO

Do you find that you have an overactive ego? Or your ego is at least keeping you in a place of fear and over thinking?

I think we have all been there! This EFT Sequence will assist you in calming the ego so you have clearer access to your heart. This EFT Sequence will help you to quiet the mind chatter so you can make soul-aligned decisions.

Journaling Prompts to Break through Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are preventing us from living our fullest life purpose. These beliefs often stem from our childhood and carry into our present and future decisions. By identifying and working through these beliefs, you will free yourself from all blocks and barriers that have been hiding in the subconscious mind.