A sacred container to support New Earth Leaders in embodying their truest potential.

A 4-month program designed to take you on sacred energy journey’s within your soul, so you can unleash your truest essence. This program is for the New Earth leader, who is wanting to up-level their mission; serving & supporting others with authenticity, integrity,  & your sacred magic.

Because you are everything you need…

You came here for this exact moment in time…the ascension.

Chances are, you’ve felt the call your entire life. Something deep within, reminding you that your mission is grand. Reminding you that you are here for more than just living and dying. You are here to bring the true change. The change that will unify consciousness. Well my love, you are this change.

I see you, I hear you, I honor you. I know this journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has been your training; preparing you for this time.

The fun is just getting started. Let’s dive in!

My intentions:

As a healer & entrepreneur I have found the importance in taking care of my own energy. However, on my journey, it has felt impossible to find a program that focused on what I was needing; a sacred container to support leaders energetically, so they too can continue ascending.

Because in all seriousness, how can we expect to support others when our tank is empty? Or, when we have been so committed to service, that we have neglected our own spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies? Sometimes we focus so much on serving & supporting others, that we forget about our own needs. It is SO important not to lose yourself along the way & to continue checking in with your soul! As you grow & evolve, so does the desires & offerings of your soul! It is crucial to maintain in clear alignment with these desires, so you avoid burn out & feeling out of alignment with your work.

This is what we are missing. The safe & sacred space for leaders to heal and continue journeying within. 

The New Earth leader can fall into any place in society because you don’t need a specific “role” or “title” to make you a leader. We are all here for a very unique and essential purpose! The fact that you are reading this right now, proves that you too, are a New Earth leader.

The New Earth leader knows that there is more to this world and is ready to create it.

The New Earth leader knows that in order to fully create change, one must first BE the change.

The New Earth leader knows the importance of being in integrity within both themselves and their practice.

The New Earth leader doesn’t just preach, they also practice, DAILY.

The New Earth leader isn’t chasing money, but rather heart-centered, unconditional-love SERVICE. (& through this, they know the abundance naturally flows. Because truth is potent. Truth is abundance.)

The New Earth leader knows that true leaders are here to re-awaken; helping others to find the leader within THEMSELVES.

The New Earth leader is always a beginner.

The New Earth leader knows that the time is now.

Group Healing Journey's & Activations

These journey’s will have different themes based on the energy of the month & the group’s energy. You will be guided within your soul, to release old paradigms, heal & also bring forth the aspect within that you came here to be. If you have never been on a journey with me, you can expect to feel extremely relaxed, and in the comfort of your soul! I utilize my background in Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Breathwork, while also channeling energies from Spirit to guided you to the perfect place for you soul. It is the perfect muse of energy! You will always receive what you need at that time.  When we allow ourselves to be with our soul, that is when we unlock the hidden truths within.

Shamanic Healing Journey's

The second journey of the month will assist you in grounding your intentions from earlier in the month to the Earth. This journey will have a greater focus on strengthening your connection to Gaia & assisting you in remembering your grandest mission on Earth. These sessions will assist you in anchoring your soul’s desires; allowing you to be led along the path of the least resistance, so you can easily embody your deepest manifestations. These journey’s will be extremely grounding & connected to shamanic energies; bringing out the sacred & ancient codes of Gaia within your cellular memory.

Custom Monthly Energy Reports

Each month you will receive a personalized energy report and intuitive channeling forecast, in a 1:1 30-minute call. This will be the perfect way to start your month with grounded intention & clarity. You will receive guidance, blueprints of the soul and also action steps you can take throughout the month that will assist you in this sacred ascension journey! This report will allow you a clear route of action, as to where to focus your energy & what to expect!

1:1 Support & Sacred Community

You will have my support always, with no matter what comes up! When we aren’t meeting for sessions, we will connect on Slack, and online group platform, to connect & share! Community is essential, as so many feel alone on this journey. This is your space to find your people. On top of that, meeting in groups allows, all of our sacred energies to merge. We are all beautiful pieces of the SAME puzzle. When we come together, all of our traits balance & connect. We are all mirrors and activators. This group will encourage you to open up to your most authentic self!

What is the ascension? Who is this program for?

The ascension is here, right in front of us! It is the awakening of humanity, back home to ourselves. It is unity consciousness, where we remember and embody that we are all ONE; just in different, yet all so beautiful, sacred physical vessels. We are all needed in this journey. With that being said, many believe the ascension is a journey “up” and out of our bodies. Although we will raise in frequency, I do not believe we will leave our bodies and go someplace else entirely…at least not yet 😉 ! In a sense, this can bring out our egos, as in hints that only the “enlightened” will rise, AND that once again, we are escaping our physical realities. The true ascension is within. In order to create heaven on earth, we must first create it within ourselves. This inner emphasis, will automatically externalize, as quantum physics states. This is why in  Ascend , we will focus primarily on your inner reality and then in our second session of the month, anchor these sacred energies into the Earth! You will find everything you have been searching for. In this program you will finally be able to let the old labels and karmic energy go, so you can be the clearest vessel possible. This clarity will help find your soul & your truth. You will learn how your soul connects with you. You will learn who you truly are & why you came back to the Earth. You will find you.

You feel the call deep within.
You know something big is happening on earth, even if you can't fully explain it.
You know energetic care is crucial, especially now feeling all of the ascension symptoms.
You are ready to activate this part of you that has seemed unattainable in the past.
You are ready to break beyond the current paradigms and commit to yourself.
You have felt more coming for you, yet it feels something is blocking you from embodying it.
You believe that in order for you to fully support others, you must first support yourself.
You are ready to unleash your most sacred gifts!
You are 110% ready to let yourself create & RECEIVE your own heaven on earth!

What to expect

If you join us by 6/21 you will save $400 AND have free access to my Summer Solstice Sound & Energy Healing Circle

2 Monthly Group Healing Journey's

Through a sacred blend of these modalities, you will find yourself embracing all aspects of your soul, and finally transcending into the version of yourself, that you have always known is within. They are connected to the New and Full Moon Cycles (total of 8 calls).

Personalized Monthly Soul Channeling

Each month you will receive a channeling from spirit, specific to your soul and where you are headed in the month to come. (total of 4)

The Soul-Getters Membership

Unlimited access to the Soul-Getters Membership. In the membership you can find meditations, EFT sequences, trainings on topics that range from channeling, to aura drawing, to connecting with your higher self. This will assist you in strengthening your intuition! (4 Months Access)

Community & Support

Community in Slack where you can connect with other members & ask me any questions!

Option to join journey’s in-person or online via Zoom. (upon signing up, we will discuss which option works best for you!)


Live Group Healing Journey’s

July 5th

July 19th

August 2nd

August 16th

September 7th

September 20th

October 4th

October 25th


This is going to sound dramatic but when I started doing energy sessions with Gab, it changed my life. I was consistently feeling stuck and I had no idea why. After my first session where Gabby cleared that energy out I felt like a completely new person. I had clarity and direction and I also felt a lot more confident in any decision I made. These sessions have been so helpful for me on a personal level AND a business mindset level. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing them once a month, no now when I go too long between sessions, I can physically feel the weight coming back on my shoulders which lets me know that it’s time for another session! If you’re the type of person that needs a sign to go forward with something, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Book the session! You won’t regret it!
-Bari S.

Gabriella is a cure all to say the least! I’ve experienced anxiety, physical ailments, and other heavy feelings for years on end. Over a few sessions with Gabriella, I was finally able to shake most of those feelings and issues! I have never felt lighter, more aligned, and overall energized! I strongly suggest setting up a session with Gab as soon as you can for a whole new approach to any issues you may be having!

-Hali W.

“I spent several months working my way through Gabriella’s “Ascend with Ease Activations”. Words cannot describe in its entirety my experience and transformation.
I felt myself expand spiritually, emotionally and physically. I could feel the activation energy running through me and and the energy is powerful and pleasant.
These activations provided a much needed tool during these times of awakening we are experiencing here on earth at this time.
I followed her instructions by spacing them out properly and with gracefully worked my way through the series in my own time with the on-demand feature.
With this ease and access, I am truly and forever transformed and look forward to her future activations.”

– Sondra H.

ASCEND Payment Options to Support all Levels!

One-time Payment

$1500 USD

Two Monthly Payments

$750 USD

Three Monthly Payments

$500 USD

Four Monthly Payments

$375 USD

Support your physical & energetic bodies during this collective shift.

In order to fully support others, we must be in clear integrity with ourselves. In order to be in clear integrity with ourselves, we must first know who we are! As ascension energies are strengthening, physical symptoms will come up. Energy works to assist in softening these symptoms. As the veil lifts, cells are re-awakening and shifting without us even realizing it. This shift is essential in remembering your fullest soul purpose & truth while on this earth journey.