“To shine your brightest light, is to be who you truly are”

-Roy T. Bennett

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I am so happy to have you here!

If you are anything like me, I am sure spirituality is just about your favorite thing! It is like your soul just can’t get enough of it! So much magic, it literally lights my soul up! Can you relate?

Anddddd, chances are, the more you have dived into this spiritually, abundant life of endless possibilities and resources, you have also felt this deep yearning in your soul for more. It is like the more you open up to this new world, the more you awaken to your soul’s truth.

It is as if the veil is lifting and you are finally waking up.

The life that you once lived seems so foreign now, as if it was all a lie.

Because let’s be real; I know that you know that there is more to this world than what meets the eye. I know that you are becoming more and more aware of the fact that energy is what really makes this planet go round. Not working your butt off day in and day out. Not all of the drama and fear that has run rampant. Not all of the limiting beliefs that society has placed upon us.

There is more to life than these things! And you now know that this isn’t what your journey on earth is meant to be like. You know deep down that you aren’t meant to struggle and endure such hardships. You know that there has to be more!

And now that you see it, there is no going back. The thing that has been missing all along is the knowing that source is within you. We are in constant co-creation with this energy. No more searching and worshiping outside of yourself.

Everything you have ever needed, has been within all along.

Source has always been there, waiting for you to be reminded of this truth.

You are one of the brave ones. You are one of the chosen ones. You are one of the soul’s here to assist in the ascension; a journey back home to oneself.

You, my friend, are a beautiful light warrior, meant to share this light with the world.

Are you ready?

Sweet words.

Before working with Gabriella I felt like I was just floating through life never completely satisfied with anything I was doing. I knew there was a greater purpose for myself, but I wasn’t sure how to reach it. After working with her, I have so much more clarity! I have learned so many different ways I can support myself throughout this journey of life. I feel so much more aligned with my purpose and have a deeper understanding of how I can use tools to help me stay grounded and manifest everything I want. Gabriella has given me so many tools to help me create my dream life! She truly has a gift in meeting you at your level and coaching you through every aspect of what may be blocking that growth. Her program was a wonderful stepping stone in learning all about the tools and strategies you can use  to become exactly who you want to be.” 

– Gretchen B.

 After having completed all six activations in Ascend with Ease, I feel a newfound peace in my soul. I am no longer triggered by life’s little annoyances that use to really eat at me. I seem to have a new understanding of my life and realize that others are just finding their way as well. I’m not perfect, but much improved in this area. Gabriella’s, Ascend with Ease, helped me to feel more empowered. I feel more in control of my actions and reactions and I truly believe that what ever my purpose here is, I am up for it! Ascend with Ease is very powerful and in my opinion it wonderfully prepares one for the upcoming ascension. I would definitely recommend this wonderful package to everyone. It really is amazing!

– Colleen C.

I am so thankful I invested in myself by working with Gabriella. Before working with Gabriella I felt lost and lacked confidence in many aspects of my life. I was anxious and constantly on guard. I downplayed my successes to make others feel better about themselves and lived a life without boundaries, constantly taking on others negative energy whether it be at work or outside of work. After working with Gabriella I felt supported, worthy of my successes and confident in the life I was sent here to live. My life has been transformed both personally and professionally. In addition to mindset tools and exercises to help reach my greatest potential, I have learned to trust the process and that alone has transformed relationships and experiences in such a positive way. She is such a joy to be around and has a way of making you feel at ease, but also inspired. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

– Katie S.


Hey gorgeous, I’m Gabriella.

My heart is in helping you to remember, that you are everything you have been searching for. Everything you need is already within you. I truly believe that is why we came down to earth. We are here to remember and re-awaken to the sacred gifts within ourselves. This shift, will be the thing that changes the world as we know it.

I didn’t always feel this way though. From the time I was a baby, I could see, hear and feel spirits. Energy was constantly visiting me. Although this may seem cool to some, for me, it was terrifying. My fear, didn’t allow me to realize that these energies were only trying to help me.

For many, their gifts begin to quiet as they get older. For me, that just wasn’t the case. I found that no matter what I did, the call just continued getting louder and louder.

By the age of 12, I was seeing mentors, reading numerous books and attending workshops to help me make sense of it all. Over time, and through TONS of my own healing and shadow work, I began to embrace my gifts. I began to realize that these gifts weren’t “weird” or “super natural”, in fact they were the complete opposite. The gifts that I once perceived to be a curse, were actually the greatest powers, that we ALL carry.

I began to realize that as humans, we over-complicate EVERYTHING. It is nearly impossible for us to trust and listen to our bodies, yet so easy to listen and believe strangers that we don’t even know! We have allowed others to make our decisions and given our power away. Over time, we have created an extremely wounded society, often caring more about looks and climbing the ladder, than what actually feels good and aligned.

I believe, that this way of being, is slowly dying out. The collective is coming back home and you were sent here to bring this change. You are here, reading this, because you are meant to bring in the ancient systems and truths, that were lost long ago. These truths have been stored within your cell memory, and are beginning to get louder and louder.

Spirituality isn’t some “woo-woo”, completely out there thing, it is innate, within each of us.

Through my journey, I am here to assist you in journeying back home to yourself. I am here to help as many soul’s as possible, reawaken to their truth; love. Through this re-awakening, healing happens. Through this re-awakening, you are reminded of why you came back down to earth. Through this re-awakening, you will step into the highest aspect of yourself.

It is safe for you to find your truth in all of this and to then, serve the world in whatever way feels aligned to your soul. 

I am here now, to help you re-awaken your sacred gifts, release all stored energy in your emotional body and finally unleash the light within yourself.


You already have everything you need. It is just a matter of releasing the walls and allowing yourself to re-become! You are more than worthy and more than ready. This work is for us all.

The time is now dear one.  

Triumphing fear and embodying love.

It is time to let your soul SHINE!

Reminder: You are a magical and abundant being that already has it all!

Let’s dive into all of the essential tools that will allow you to break free from the old stories and ascend into your highest self. It is time to reconnect with your divinity.

I know this is exactly what your soul has been searching for. 

Click below to start this activating journey!

About Soul-Getters

I have created the brand, “Soul-Getters” because for so long I struggled to find my tribe. As a began to come out of the what I like to call, “spiritual closet”, I felt very alone and as if no one was like me! There was many wonderful soul’s greeting me, however, I often felt that they still didn’t get me. Even though I am extremely “woo”, I am also super practical and grounded! I am just your average girl, who loves to shop, have fun and adventure!

It became my mission to find my soul tribe, who like me, loved all things “woo” but also knew that in order to serve the earth in the greatest ways possible, we must take aligned action! 

If you are anything like me, (which I have a feeling you are!) you are in search of that perfect dose of woo combined with action! It is all about finding that perfect balance between both the masculine and feminine! Or we can at least try!

A little bit of action and a lot of woo, serves for a pretty magical cocktail! 

Your soul-fam is waiting for you! Join our tribe of Soul-Getters below!